Ravello, Amalfi

The Honeymooner’s Guide to the Amalfi Coast

  1. Annanya Raghavan says:

    Loved this post!! I’ve always wanted to go to Italy so it was a great guide. Beautifully written too. I found myself laughing almost every other sentence

  2. Whitney says:

    Hey! I don’t see any info on how you went from the Amalfi Coast to Rome/ Venice! Do you mind sharing a bit about that with me? My husband and I are planning a trip and we aren’t sure how to fit everything into our very limited 9 days but we wanted to figure out how to include the coast as part of the time. How much time did it take to get from the coast to Venice? Or what would you recommend?


    • Ruth says:

      Hi Whitney!! You two are going to have the best time!! I am posting a full breakdown of Venice and Rome very soon. I’ll elaborate on this more then, but I personally did not love Venice. If I had 9 days in Italy, I’d spend them in Rome, Florence, and on the coast (to be exact- I’d do 2 days in Rome, 2-3 in Florence, and the rest on the coast- either in Amalfi or Cinque Terre). Cinque Terre is further north and may be easier for you all to get to. However, if you can spare 3-4 days out of your itinerary, I would make the trek down to Amalfi. Rome is central to all of this, though. For example, you’d have to go through Rome to get to Venice, Florence, Amalfi, etc. The easiest way to get down to Amalfi is through Naples (Rome-> Naples -> Positano, etc). The train from Rome to Venice takes almost 4 hours and just over an hour to get to Florence. I hope this helps!! Please email me at ruth@romebythehour.com if you’d like!

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