Autumn in Vermont

  1. Miriam says:

    Take me with you next time!!!! Need to try that coffee place ❤️

  2. Sandy Wilkie says:

    Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing it. We live in the Toronto area so we enjoy the spectacular colours in our area each Fall. We have been through that area as well. So much beauty to enjoy! Glad that you had such a good trip.

  3. Sally says:

    Vermont in the fall of the year is definitely on my bucket list. I’d like to follow your itinerary. ?❤️?

  4. Ashely Gosselin says:

    THANK YOU for portraying Vermont how it should be seen! I’m a native Vermonter and just read a Fall Foliage Review from another visitor from Florida and they were not even close to describing the true character of Vermont! I really liked the fact that you incorporated how we cherish our locally owned and operated businesses !! We are very proud of supporting each other. I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay and if your ever in the area again and want some local spots to check out let me know !!

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