Lake Lucerne Switzerland

Getting Oriented in Central Switzerland

  1. Miriam says:

    love this post!!!

  2. TJ says:

    Awesome post, thank you for the information.

    When you are referring to how expensive it is there, are you referring to getting around and the food prices? We rented a car for really cheap but I’m starting to think public transport is the way to go, because even with a car you still need to take trains and gondola’s just to get to some of the hikes we want to do. So I feel like the individual tickets we will be purchasing is going to make the car not even worth it. I hate being at the expense of public transportation though. The rail pass is really expensive, but if that includes from free cable cars we might be better off getting the rail pass for $240ish a person and save. Thoughts??

    Also, to save money on food, I figure we will grocery shop for breakfast and lunch and then eat out for dinner each night.

    • Tyler says:

      I think it depends on where you are staying. Are you using one town as your base? I think if you used Interlaken as your base, you could definitely rely on public transport to get up to the hikes you want to do. That’s what we did, for the most part, when we were in Interlaken. You can get a train/bus/gondola to pretty much anywhere (and usually have to). We hopped around quite a bit on this trip, though, so it was nice to have a car to drive us between stops and go at our own pace.
      We grocery shopped to save money too! We did eggs and toast every morning and made dinner in a night or two.

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