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Today, I’m sharing a bunch of gift ideas for men. 

With men, I’ve noticed it goes one of two ways: either they don’t buy themselves anything, so gift giving is easy to the point of boring–you’re having to get them stocked up on tennis shoes, jackets, and tee shirts (this is very much my situation with Tyler). Alternatively, they buy every single thing they need, right when they need it, so you have to figure out a way to “wow” them. LOL. 

My goal was to address both types of men on this guide, so there’s a little bit of everything on here. 

I organized this one in the same way I did on my women’s guide: Under $75/stocking stuffers, $100-200, and $200+. 

Under $75/stocking stuffers:

Tyler is one of those guys who is constantly thinking about golf. Even if he hasn’t golfed for months, I just can tell when he’s thinking about it. (The incessant practice swings at random times are a dead giveaway). I always put a box of these Vice golf balls in his stocking. They are trendy and cute. They also have an NBA collection which is always a win. They’ve been updating their Black Friday deals on this page.

For the man who has difficulty hitting his hydration quota, this tumbler from Stanley is durable, leakproof, and easy to grab on the go. 

I got Tyler this toiletry bag from Away last year (I got him the smaller size), and he has loved it. One thing I’ll say: I do kind of wish I got him the hanging version just to save us a little space on the counter when we are traveling. 

This is kind of random, but I found this brand on Etsy that does these little graphics of sports plays on coasters. This would be a cute gift for an office. 

We are new fans of Thursday Boot Co. (more on that below), but I want to get this leather belt for Tyler’s stocking this year. 

A very sophisticated shaker bottle for the protein-obsessed (guess who). 

This beanie from Lululemon is super cute. 

I have yet to order anything from Quince’s men line, but I am very intrigued by this $40 Vuori-look-alike Quarter Zip. Also these underwear look super nice?

A pair of Kore shorts from Vuori is always a safe bet. Tyler wears these every.single.day.


We LOVE our Raen Sunglasses. These glasses are just extra special: handcrafted and made with Carl Zeiss lenses. The company is also based in San Diego which you know we love. Their styles are all unisex, but my favorite picks for men are the Wiley and Remmy. Raen is offering 40% off their entire site this week! 

Looking for a gift for your Huberman Husband? Look no further than this ice bath. I NEED to get one of these for Tyler. On sale for $90 this week!

This is kind of random, but Tyler LOVES his meat thermometer. I mean, what man doesn’t love an app based device? He has the wire version which is annoying to clean, but this wireless version looks amazing. 

These joggers from Vuori are so soft and perfect for the man who can’t seem to give up their ratty grey sweats from college. 

The Stevyn duffel from CALPAK is awesome. Tyler has been testing it out for me this month and has been very happy with it. It has a separate, structured shoe compartment at the bottom, a trolley sleeve, and two different strap options. The Stevyn duffel is huge and fits about twice the amount of stuff as their Luka Duffel bag. The Luka, though, would make a great gym bag or overnighter. CALPAK is offering 20% off this week, bringing the Stevyn Duffel price down to $78.

Now, for some rapid fire footwear options. I have been scheming of way to get Tyler aboard the Birkenstock Train, and I think these oiled leather Arizona slides in black are the perfect gateway. 

The Nike Air Max 270’s are a stylish, everyday option for the sporty guy in your life. The Nike Free Metcons are an elite training shoe (Tyler and I both wear these). And the Hoka Clifton 9 are great for runners, dads, and travelers alike. 

I am JAZZED about Thursday Boot Co. This brand makes well-priced, high-quality leather boots and goods. I got Tyler a pair of the Captain boots for his birthday this year and they are amazing (he thought so too). They are super solid, but they didn’t take long for him to break in which was nice. I’m also eyeing the Diplomat style which is a kind of chunky work boot with a moc toe. 

A quick Lululemon haul: the City Sweater Pullover Hoodie is Tyler’s favorite on cool days. He’s sworn off jeans forever and swears by the ABC pants. Lastly, I got him one of the Knit Pullover Sweaters last year, and he looks so handsome in it. 

I feel like Aviator Nation hoodies always make a nice, flashy gift. I’m partial to the La Jolla logo, but they are all fun. 

I’m loving the Sézane men’s line, Octobre. I got Tyler this Charlie shirt earlier this fall which he famously called “perfect.”  I love the flannel version too. This Nelson overshirt/jacket looks really cute and versatile too. 

Vuori strikes again with this down vest.


I put this on the women’s guide too. We love our Away luggage. We have one Large and two of the Bigger Carry On sizes, and all three have held up really well after almost 6 years. Away is offering 20% off all of suitcases this week which, trust me, they NEVER do. 

I’m a huge fan of my new Dagne Dover backpack (I have the Dakota), and I absolutely love this Brooklyn style for men. Dagne Dover is offering 25% off their entire site this week. Insane! 

This Vuori Full Zip Hooded Jacket looks awesome and so warm.

My mother-in-law drew Tyler last year in our family gift exchange, and she got him a Solo Stove. This is basically a portable fire pit that you can use in your backyard or for camping. It’s supposed to be “smokeless,” and I wouldn’t say it is completely. We loved lighting ours on summer evenings this last year and will definitely bring it with us the next time we build up the courage to go camping again. 

I got Tyler a range finder for golfing a few years ago. What exactly a “range finder” entails exactly is beyond me, but he seems to love it. 

Speaking of random, expensive golf gadgets: this launch monitor is portable and apparently good for golf practice. 

I found this Roadie Yeti Cooler on sale at Ace which I think most guys would appreciate? 

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